OGAE Iceland is an official Eurovision fan club for Iceland. The organisation is a platform for Icelandic Eurovision Song Contest fans to share their common interest in the contest. The purpose of the club is to host events related to Eurovision Song Contest and also the Icelandic national final, Söngvakeppni Sjónvarpsins. Our aim is also to help members show and share their interest regarding Eurovision and to serve as a common platform for that interest.

The function of the club is to provide information on Eurovision in Iceland and be a central contact point with the international fan society of OGAE.

OGAE Iceland is called “FÁSES” in Icelandic. The club is mainly aimed at Icelanders and so this webpage and our Facebook page will mainly be in Icelandic. However we welcome everyone and will try to post information in English as well as Icelandic.

If you want to join OGAE Iceland just send an e-mail to ogae.iceland@gmail.com with your name, address, a copy of your passport/driving licence and a photo of you for the membership card and we’ll sign you up! Our membership fee is 2.000 ISK per year and can be vired from abroad (IBAN number: IS34 0331 2600 6600 4909 1101 40 and SWIFT: ESJAISRE, Bank address: Arion bank, Borgartun 19, 105 Reykjavik, Iceland, OGAE Iceland address: FASES c/o Audur Geirsdottir, Andresarbrunnur 18, 113 Reykjavik, Iceland). The more the merrier in the wonderful surroundings of Eurovision!

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  1. Hello, I’m trying to get in contact with someone from the Icelandic Club since month. It is a matter of the heart from me to ask you to participate in OGAE Video Contest. Referring to the invitation of Simon Bennett that the clubs should participate in the 3 Club contests, we have tried to make a participation as simple as possible and to make the contest very attractive. Please look on our website to see for yourself. (http://ogaevc.ecgermany.de) To take part you only have to name us a music video and vote in the final in October. That´s all. Please rgister and let the other clubmembers hear your music in the contest! Thank you so much!

    • Hi Wolfgang,
      We have forwarded your request to the President of FÁSES – good luck with the OGAE Video Contest.
      Best regards from FÁSES.is team

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